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My name is Carly Cooper and I am a Physical Education Major at SUNY Cortland. I absolutely love working with children of all ages and am excited about becoming a Physical Education Teacher. I have many goals and aspire to encourage people to live a healthy life style and to stay active!

Standard 2

Standard 2:
Skill and Fitness Based Competence*
Physical education teacher candidates are physically educated individuals with the knowledge and skills necessary to demonstrate competent movement performance and health enhancing fitness as delineated in the NASPE K – 12 Standards.

Elements – Teacher candidates will:

Demonstrate personal competence in motor skill performance for a variety of      physical activities and movement patterns.

Achieve and maintain a health-enhancing level of fitness throughout the program.        

Demonstrate performance concepts related to skillful movement in a variety of physical activities. 

* Without discrimination against those with disabilities, physical education teacher candidates with special needs are allowed and encouraged to utilize a variety of accommodations and/or modifications to demonstrate competent movement and performance concepts (modified/adapted equipment, augmented communication devices, multi-media devices, etc.) and fitness (weight programs, exercise logs, etc.).

Standard 2 Artifact:
A Run for THEIR Life

On October 23rd 2011, I ran in a 5k race with my Mom in honor of both of my Grandmothers who are cancer survivors. This race was called A Race For THEIR Life and was for breast cancer. Running in this event was extremely important to not only run for my grandmothers, but to keep up with being physically fit as well. Staying fit goes along with staying healthy and as a future Physical Education teacher, I believe it is my duty to stay physically active and be a good role model. As Standard #2 states it is important for physical educators to be able to demonstrate personal competence in motor skill performance for a variety of physical activities and movement patterns. It also states that we as educators should maintain a health-enhancing level of fitness during our careers. I couldn’t agree more with both of these components and that is why I did and will continue to do races like these. Not only will I do events for a great cause like this one, I will also continue to do daily physical activities so I can provide and demonstrate the necessary life style to be healthy, active and able to move in all activities!
My Mom, Grandmother & I after the race!